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Austin Art Services' museum-trained team represents some of the best talent and experience available in central Texas.
We are skilled and professional art installers and picture hangers, who can efficiently and elegantly meet any art installation challenge - be it handling an entire exhibit of fine art, installing a monumental sculpture in an office plaza, or hanging a mirror and family photos in a living room.
Rates are specific to the scale of your project, with no project too large or small.

Austin Art Services is proud to be an ongoing official sponsor of both EAST - the East Austin Studio Tour - and WEST - the West Austin Studio Tour. These vital events are not only a great showcase for both established and emerging artists, but also provide a fantastic gateway for those who want to learn more about artists working in central Austin. AAS brings its expertise to the table in the form of the DUE EAST and DUE WEST shows; large-scale group exhibits featuring one small work from each artist on the official tour.  We typically install over 200 artworks of all kinds for each of these shows. The event serves as both a fundraiser and a great introduction to each of the tours.

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